To become the world's largest stem cell based tissue and organ development factory.


Improving human healthcare by innovating and delivering regenerative medicine-based solutions.

Regrow Biosciences was born in 2009 and hatched into regenerative medicine with cord blood banking. Regenerative medicine focuses in development of methods and tools that allow our bodies to renew and 'regrow' itself in ways once thought of as science fiction.

Our strong research and development team caterpillared through exploring and innovating cell therapy products for diseases with unmet clinical needs.

Metamorphosis into the first cell therapy company in India did not come without its challenges. Newness of the sector and absence of regulatory procedures presented as hurdles in gaining product approvals and market acceptance. During this cocoon phase, Regrow was actively involved in drafting preliminary guidelines for stem cell research, banking and, therapy with the Indian healthcare regulatory agencies.

At the same time our cell therapy platform took shape and transformed into a butterfly.Propelled by the strong and bright wings of an industrious team, Regrow successfully completed Phase III clinical trials for two orthopedic cell-based products that have been approved for manufacture and sale.

Over 1000 patients have benefitted through OSSGROW® - World's first bone cell therapy product for bone regeneration and CARTIGROW® - India's first cartilage cell therapy product for cartilage regeneration. The US FDA and the European Medicines Agency have granted Orphan Drug Designation and Orphan Medicinal Product respectively for our bone cell therapy product - OSSGROW®.

Today, Regrow has made headway into regenerative medicine space and anchored as a colonizer in cell therapy in India. Click here to read more...