Chronic illnesses present a huge health burden as they do not 'fix' themselves. Some diseases can be life-threatening or debilitating and are only temporarily managed without a complete cure. With a vision to provide a reliable long-lasting healthcare solution using regenerative medicine, Regrow has developed an innovative cell therapy platform to address multiple diseases that do not have satisfactory standard-of-care.

Our treatment is a clinically new, meaningful and, biological mode of therapy that offers the possibility of durably treating with lesser hospital stays and fuller recovery. We employ a multi-pronged strategy that addresses the root cause of the disease that leads to significant product efficacy.

Regrow's products offer a permanent solution to the affected patients. Patients become free of pain, disease burden and, a disability which in turn improves quality-of-life and productivity.

Being a one-time therapy, our products pose as an added advantage not only to the end-users but also hospitals, insurance agents and governments as it facilitates enormous healthcare cost savings. We are actively looking for strategic technology transfer partnerships to bring our cost-effective curative care into untapped markets.

As a pioneer of regenerative medicine in India, our transformative therapies have paved the way for the new sector of cell therapy and regenerative medicine. OSSGROW® is the first bone cell therapy product to be recognized by the US FDA and the European Medicines Agency as an Orphan Drug. Regrow is seeking funding from financial investors to advance our platform technology (and lead product -bone cell therapy) into the US, EU, and Japanese markets.