Not Just Cord Blood Stem Cells, The Life-Saving Smart Cells

In modern medicine, Cord Blood Stem Cells can cure more than 80+ Life-Threatening Diseases. 

By preserving your baby's "Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells" you're not only investing in their future health, but also that of the rest of your family's.

Know the benefits of Cord Blood Preservation below:

At Biocell®, we understand that child means an entire universe to their parents & hence we not only preserve the Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells in the safest & purest environment but also provide advance therapeutic solutions such as OSSGROW® - World's 1st Bone Cell Therapy & CARTIGROW® - India's 1st Cartilage Cell Therapy.

Meet Biocell®Young Warriors: We Promise, We Deliver

Biocell® has facilitated World's First Cord Blood Transplantation for Metabolic Condition MPS VI in year 2015 & then Cord Blood Transplantation for Beta Thalassemia Major in year 2016.

India's first MPS 6 survivor - Little Poorvi's brave journey!

Prerna, a 6 years old girl, now 10 was suffering from Metabolic Condition MPS VI. She underwent a cord blood transplantation using her sibling's preserved stem cells through Biocell® Sibling Program. She has fully recovered from her condition & rejoined school.

Veena's Success Story With Stem Cell Therapy

That was a time when Veena, an 8 year old girl, needed blood transfusion after every two weeks to survive Beta Thalassemia Major. Biocell® helped her to live a healthy life by facilitating her Cord Blood Transplant. Today she lives a healthy normal life without need of blood transfusion.

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Get monetary support for conditions treatable from cord blood stem cells.

Unlimited and Anytime access to a potent pool of cord tissue stem cells to treat a host of diseases.

Future ready solutions to treat major life threatening diseases of heart, brain, liver and pancreas.


Privilege to access multi-fold Hematopoietic Stem Cells

REGROW health cover provides cell ® therapy for hip and knee repair. Don't Replace, Regrow!