About Regrow Biosciences

We are an Indian centric global biotech company (www.regrow.in) with our GMP manufacturing facility located at Lonavala (near Pune, India) with offices in India, US and Singapore. We are dedicated to the research, development and commercialization of cell and stem cell-based products targeting degenerative and life-threatening diseases. In our decade long journey, we have crossed several milestones with many firsts;

Our reputation is well regarded for providing premium services for cord blood stem cell banking (Biocell®, www.biocell.in) across 600 Indian cities to more than 50,000 young parents.

Our clinical trial success speaks about our core expertise in assessment of diseases with unmet clinical need combined with our speed of research translating into safe and effective bed side treatment for patients. Our scientific and technical teams have been part of several inter-ministerial committees responsible for creating regulatory framework and standards for stem cell and cellbased products.

Through our strong 340 doctor-partner networks across 46 cities, we have been able to serve 1500 patients who have had a life-changing experience and now lead an active lifestyle with many being sports professionals.

Being true to our vision of becoming the world's largest stem cell and organ development factory, we are actively pursuing the next generation stem cell platform which promises to be universal and off-the-shelf. We are continuously innovating and publishing our original research in areas of hematopoietic transplantation, cell potency assays, HLA inventory, inhibitory effects of intraarticular steroid use, gene mutations offering a potential HIV cure and many more.

We are hugely invested in the establishment and maintenance of high standards for ethical and corporate governance by partnering with the best of audit firms, certification bodies and independent ethics committees for research and trial purposes.

We humbly dedicate our achievements to our Human capital and to our knowledge partners, who, together have laid the future foundation on which we aspire to further innovate and provide curative therapies to patients.

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