What is Urethra & Urethral Stricture?

  • The urethra is the tube that carries urine from the bladder to outside of the body.
  • The length of urethra is 15 to 20 cm for men and 3 to 4 cm for women.
  • Narrowing of the urethral tube is known as Urethral Stricture.

Symptoms of Urethral Stricture:

Weak urination

Pain during urination

Straining to urinate

Swelling of Prostate Gland

Inability to completely empty the bladder

Causes of Urethral Stricture:

Injury to your penis



Current Standard of Care of Urethral Stricture

  • Dilatation: Widening of the stricture
  • Urethrotomy: Opening up of the fibrous tissue by endoscopic surgery.
  • Urethroplasty: Using large buccal grafts (10 cm) and suturing at stricture site via open surgery.

Drawbacks of Currently Available Treatments

  • A high rate of infection
  • Irreversible damage to the entire urinary tract
  • A high rate of disease recurrence
  • Painful
  • Highly invasive procedure
  • Sexual and Erectile dysfunction
  • Quality of Life affected
  • Loss of Pay
  • Societal taboo

Permanent Cure of Urethral Stricture with UREGROW® Epithelial Cell Therapy


Treatment Procedure

The outcome of UREGROW® Treatment