mr. Yash Sanghavi
Managing Director and CEO

Yash started as a trader in laboratory chemicals and eventually forayed into distribution of advanced intermediates and specialty chemicals to top global pharmaceutical clients.

During his tenure, he became aware of the shifting need from chemicals to cells and the potential of regenerative medicine in healthcare. With a vision to provide advanced regenerative medicine-based treatments to patients in India, Yash founded Regrow Biosciences in 2009.As a veteran in healthcare for more than 30 years, he provides strategic and business advice at Regrow.

mr. satyen Sanghavi
Chief Scientific Officer

Satyen graduated in Stem Cell technology from the University of Nottingham - UK and founded Regrow Biosciences with his father, Yash Sanghavi.

As Chief Scientific Officer at Regrow, he heads the R&D and Regulatory Departments. Satyen has been actively involved as an industry expert for the preparation of standards in regenerative medicine in inter-ministerial working groups by the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India.