We are a leading biotechnology company focused at delivering the most advanced cell therapy treatments. We are the pioneers of regenerative medicines in India and we aim at improving the Indian healthcare scenario.

Our Mission

Our goal is to improve healthcare in India, aiming to provide proven and advanced cell therapy treatments for intractable diseases with its focus on regenerative medicine.

Our Vision

The use of regenerative medicines such as stem cells is increasingly gaining momentum all over the world. Biotechnology and especially cell therapy is going to be the future therapeutic solution for all kinds of diseases. Our body has the strength and resources to fight any ailment or diseases and we at Regrow strongly believe in healing your body naturally.

Our Belief

There certainly is no replacement for what nature has endowed upon us very much like cartilage and bone. At REGROW, we align ourselves to the nature and rebuild people’s lives by regenerating cells.

Our dedicated focus on biotechnology since our foundation in 2009 and our state-of-the-art technology has led to the development and approval of World’s first autologous bone cell therapy product OSSRON™ and India’s first autologous cartilage cell therapy product CHONDRON®

Our Story